Invite: World Wetlands Day Celebration at Yamuna Biodiversity Park

Wetland at YBP

The Yamuna Biodiversity Park (YBP) invites all citizens to celebrate the World Wetlands Day on the 2nd of February. This date marks the signing of the ‘Convention on Wetlands’ in 1971 at Ramsar, Iran. The 2010 Wetlands Day theme is “Caring for Wetlands – an Answer to Climate Chang”. The theme highlights the fact that wetlands, with their biodiversity, can help mitigate climate change.

Date: 2nd February, 2010
Time: 10.30 am
Venue: Yamuna Biodiversity Park, Jharoda Majra, Ahead of Wazirabad and Jagatpur Villages (10 mins drive from the DU Metro Station)

The YBP has been established in Delhi to recreate the locally extinct biodiversity of Yamuna river basin. The almost seven years old biodiversity park now harbours a wide range of ecosystems of river basin which support more than 1200 plant species. These include finest wetlands, besides a butterfly conservatory, a conservatory of fruit yielding plants, grasslands, tropical moist and dry deciduous forest communities, Acacia woodlands and a herbal garden.

Located on the floodplains of River Yamuna, Yamuna Biodiversity Park is the model location to discuss and work on the conservation of river basin and its biodiversity. The exceptional wetlands of Yamuna Biodiversity Park are fully functional and attract thousands of migratory birds each year in the winter season.

Therefore, the YBP has already become a hub of nature education and conservation of biodiversity. To promote nature education and conservation of wetlands, river Yamuna and its floodplains we celebrate each year World Wetland Day on 2nd February.

For more information and to participate, please contact:

Faiyaz A. Khudsar
Scientist Incharge
Yamuna Biodiversity Park
University of Delhi
Mobile: 09810511552

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