Wishing Green Luck to Participants of Energy Efficiency Star Painting Competition

More Stars More Saving

The Ministry of Power and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency is greening many beautiful minds in various schools across the country through its hunt for “India’s Energy Efficiency Star” Painting Competition. Three children will be selected from each state to compete at the national level to win the title of India’s Energy Efficiency Star. The Ministry conducts this competition every year as part of the National Awareness Campaign on Energy Conservation. Reaching out to the young generation in such an innovative and wide scale manner is indeed a power packed campaign to save and conserve energy for our future.

The painting competition is based on three selective themes viz.

  1. More stars, more savings
  2. Today’s energy wastage is tomorrow’s energy shortage
  3. Energy saved is future saved

Participation is open to school students from 4th, 5th & 6th standard and the themes are accordingly chosen. The competition is a thought provoking invitation to the young generation to paint their future green. Ever since we first published about the painting competition, Delhi Greens has been flooded with requests on ideas and clarifications pertaining to these themes and is happy to help.

The first theme: “More stars, more savings”, aims to highlight the energy saving scheme which was launched by the Ministry of Power in May, 2006. Currently it is in use (that children can see for themselves) for equipments/appliances like refrigerator, Tubular Fluorescent Lamps, Room Air Conditioners, Direct Cool Refrigerators, Distribution Transformers, Induction Motors, LPG, etc. The BEE Star Labels as it is known, includes a Star Rating System that carries out product tests and rates different products from one to five stars.

One star means that the particular product, be it an AC or a refrigerated, is least efficient and wastes maximum energy. A five star product means it is the most efficient and saves maximum energy. Thus One Star (least energy efficient, and least money saved), Two Stars, Three Stars, Four Stars and Five Stars (most energy efficient, and most money saved) is a scale created to standardize the energy efficiency ratings of different electrical appliances and indicates energy consumption under standard test conditions.

So if you choose to paint on the ‘More stars, more savings’ theme, you could bring out a beautiful layers or a mosaic of star labelled appliances with the rising sun in the vicinity. Another idea could be to bring out in canvas, how saving energy relates to saving money. Draw houses using energy saving appliances with five stars in bright colours, while those using no labelling or only one star label in dark colours. Since they saved no or little energy hence they live in darkness and those who use more star labeled appliances saved energy and are happy. Likewise the other two themes could very well be depicted in canvas bringing the energy crisis that we face today and how saving energy actually means saving our future!

We at Delhi Greens wish all participants good and green luck. May all of you paint the nation green and raise a loud voice through your art pieces for ‘saving energy and save our future’. We are confident this will give a wake up call to all those in ‘power’, to the policy makers of our nation. Go green and save the future!

Impuri Shimray

Impuri Shimray is a mass communication professional and is deeply committed towards working for an inclusive and sustainable society.

8 thoughts on “Wishing Green Luck to Participants of Energy Efficiency Star Painting Competition

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  4. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!for helping me with this i am a a participant of this contest. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dear Hrithika, Glad we could be of help, in ensuring the world gets another energy ‘star’. Wish you all th best, spread the interest!

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