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Kisan Swaraj YatraThe Kisan Swaraj Yatra, that was initiated on 2nd October, 2010 is a journey undertaken by some to raise consciousness about the farmers who grow our food, the crisis they are facing and the impact on everyone’s health through our poisoned food and water systems. The bus Yatra, which started at Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat is traveling through 20 states to reach Delhi on Dec 11th after having involved lakhs of farmers, farm workers, social activists, students and urban consumers.

One of the agenda of the Yatra is to force the government to take a new approach to agriculture that ensures dignified livelihoods for the farmers and promotes sustainable agriculture. The Yatris invite all of you to sign such a petition to UPA Chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi. All of you are requested to read and sign it to tell the Indian government to stop anti-farmer pro-corporatist policies, ensure dignified livelihoods for farming community, and promote sustainable agriculture. Below is the short version, click on link to read and sign:

Dear Smt. Sonia Gandhi,

We are deeply troubled that the key policy-makers in this country including the Prime Minister are pursuing a vision of development that is creating a hostile environment for farmers, forcing them flee farming in distress. We are driven by a sense of urgency that a whole new paradigm for Indian agriculture is required, which is centered on secure livelihoods for the farming community, preserving their control over seeds, land and water, and promoting agricultural methods which do not destroy the natural resources that the farmer depends on.

We, as citizens, farmers and consumers, are taking part in and supporting the nation-wide KISAN SWARAJ YATRA. With the firm belief that India can and should chart a new course for building a pro-farmer, ecologically sustainable agricultural economy, and that pursuing the corporate-dominated Western agricultural model will be a historic disaster not only for the farmers but for the rural and urban economies as a whole, we present to the Government of India our charter of demands.

Click here to read the full petition and sign it.

Aastha Kukreti

Aastha Kukreti holds a Master’s degree in Environment Management and her areas of expertise range from waste management, pollution ecology, green audits, ecofeminism, environmental equity and social justice.

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