Lets Stop Desacreding the Gods

An empty packaging of a whiskey bottle, among other waste, surrounds the sacred Shivling left along River Yamuna

It is now no secret that all action plans and awareness programmes for cleaning River Yamuna have failed and the polluted stretch of the River has only increased by over 100 km in last few years. It is also known that the status of water quality in River Yamuna in Delhi is no better than sewage. Despite this, the offering of prayers, idols and other sacred religious material across the entire stretch of Yamuna in Delhi continues unabated. This not only de-sacreds the Gods, it also only adds more pollution to the River. The real offering that one can make to this once clean and the holiest-of-the-holy River Yamuna is to urge the government and other related agencies to act, with greater political will, towards its cleaning and management. Until then, let us all stop disrespecting the Gods by leaving them unhygienic and deplorable conditions like this.


DG Correspondent

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