Honey, the Long Forgotten Cure for Many Diseases


Honey is one substance that all of us have tasted at least once in our lifetime. Unfortunately, many of us today consider honey either to be a delicacy or something to be eaten in the event of throat infection. Fewer among us consume honey for short term health benefits like while trying to get a slim and trip body. However, there has been a large-scale disconnect with honey as a daily food item among the urban dwellers of today.

This has largely happened since the popularity of factory-made sugar and the availability of sweeteners and similar food items. There is enough evidence today to indicate that our daily sugar (actually sucrose) consumption in tea, coffee or other forms has considerable health implications. Consequently, some companies have now started manufacturing non-sugar sweeteners which may come with their own health implications.

However, what is not being realize by urban dwellers of today is the large number of benefits we are missing out on due to keeping away from honey in our diet. And even when honey is available in plenty around us, in grocery shops, through brands such as Dabur Honey. For one, honey is full of anti-oxidants and has natural anti-aging properties in its pure form. This makes it important for us to consume at least one spoon of honey every day.

Honey also has some natural healing properties. The ancients knew about these properties of honey and there is widespread mention of the use of honey in ancient medicines. Research indicates towards the existence of knowledge of honey’s healing properties even as long back as 5,000 years ago. The reduction in the use of honey in our day to day life is thus just another example of loss of traditional knowledge over time.

Honey is definitely many times safer than the daily sugar (or sucrose) that we consume. It is also good for our blood and helps maintain a healthy and glowing skin. It is also known to be an energy fuel and is an excellent instant energy giver (much better and more natural than chocolate). A lesser known importance of honey is that its daily consumption helps boost your immune system considerably. In today’s stressful and polluted environment that we live in, honey is therefore nothing less than an elixir of life.

There is also a general agreement in many people that the consumption of honey helps fight seasonal allergies. This surely could be true since the origin of honey is from the same substance (flowers) which are known to cause seasonal allergies. Consumption of honey may thus make one more immune to the harmful properties of pollen etc. The consumption of honey can thus bring more benefits than we can even imagine. Spreading the importance of honey in our daily diet is thus the need of the hour, especially for the already vulnerable urban citizen who can really benefit from this wonder substance!

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