The Perks Of Living In An Eco-Friendly Home

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The world, as we know it, is being pushed to the brink of annihilation every day as pollution and deforestation are increasing by the day. Perturbed by these unsavoury (un)developments, several celebrities and environmental activists are rightfully switching to eco-friendly living practices as they see a huge scope for green living.

But this movement of shifting to eco-friendly homes shouldn’t only be limited to the people mentioned above. You need to know about the advantages of living green before making the switch.

Well, read this article to find out how an eco-friendly home can benefit you.

1. Saves You the Money!

Although, eco-friendly living options are still in the nascent stages in India, they are soon picking up the pace with a majority of the environmentally conscious crowd slowly making the transition. This is because eco-friendly living saves you a huge amount of money in the long run, despite costing a considerable sum of money in the initial stages. For starters, you can cut down on any and all of your expenses on electricity and water consumption. These can be taken care of by using renewable sources of energy.

Example: You can use solar panels instead of the conventional measures to generate power and can also use rain water harvesting measures to conserve water. A recent survey too has proved that eco-friendly living reduces energy consumption by 30- 50 % and water consumption by up to 70%.

2. Makes Your Home Healthier

You might be wondering how this is possible, so let us explain. Eco-friendly homes are generally built using natural building materials and are free from toxins and volatile organic compounds, which tend to have harmful effects on your or your family’s health.

In the case of green homes, the natural orientation is used to allow natural sunlight by using efficient ventilation systems. They’ll also have gardens tended to by water harvested from rain water to provide an extremely healthy, unpolluted environment to live in.

3. Low Maintenance

Apart from the fact that green homes come at a heftier price tag, there is no other downside to it. Besides, maintenance costs are extremely low because they usually don’t require heavy chemical induced exterior paints. Besides, you’ll be making use of renewable sources of energy which come naturally so you don’t need to shell out too much money. One interesting tidbit of having such a home is you can even donate extra energy to the local municipal corporation for an assured sum of money every month.

4. Increased Property Value

You may have noticed your property value appreciating or depreciating depending on the trends in the Indian real estate market. But eco-friendly homes generally get you better returns in case you decide to sell it, as the house contains several sustainable measures. The property prices can also increase because the overall operational costs are considerably reduced. If you actually want to get started on the search for your own eco-friendly house, check out commonfloor for a number of options.

5. Improves Your Productivity

Remember those days when your grandparents boasted about being the strongest even at 80 or 90 years of age? This was because they lived in homes with better aesthetics and in a pollution-free zone. This also made them more productive as they adhered to “early to bed, early to rise” routine religiously. This way, having an eco-friendly home is not only good for you physically but also mentally.

These are just a few of the upsides to owning an environment-friendly home. With so many amazing benefits to be availed of, there is no doubt that owning one is the one of the wisest choices you can make.

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