Yokohama to Plant 12100 Trees for Forever Forests in India


Yokohama India will be planting 12,100 trees as part of its global Forever Forest project to plant 5,00,000 trees by 2017. Yokohama India began the plantation on the 100 year anniversary of the company on 16th February 2016. Saplings were planted by the company at its factory at the HSIIDC Industrial Estate, Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar in Haryana.

Keen to contribute to the community in Bahadurgarh, the Japanese Tyre Major plans to plant 12100 trees in the next 7 years up to 2023. The intention in the future is to donate the plants to the community.

Speaking on the occasion, Yokohama India President & Director Mr. Satoshi Fujitsu noted that by planting evergreen broad-leaved trees in every factory of Yokohama, the forests absorb CO2 and prevent global warming. He further added, “We will be planting more than 23 kinds of local trees. The diversity itself will help in the growth of fauna and flora in the region as well as contribute to Delhi NCR’s fight against air pollution.”

Yokohama India is conducting this project under the guidance of Dr. Akira Miyawaki, Plant Ecologist and Emeritus Professor of Yokohama National University. Starting in 2007, Forever Forest has seen 3,70,000 being planted in Japan, Asia, America and Europe.

The aim of the project is to Create Forests that Protect us from Natural Disasters by planting local trees which help the local area in minimizing natural disasters such as cyclones and earthquakes.

Yokohama worldwide has been taking steps to take care of the environment by producing Tyres which are environment friendly. Its proprietary, Orange Oil technology reduces petroleum oils as Tyre ingredients which is compounded in newly launched tyres “ADVAN Sport V105” “GEOLANDAR SUV”.

Yokohama India’s manufacturing plant at Bahadurgarh has been striving for Zero emissions for the environment and for this, the Tyre maker has a ZERO LIQUID discharge treating all the waste water through the inbuilt effluent & sewage treatment plants which is then reused for gardening purposes.

Yokohama strives to prevent global warming and internally sets and carries out waste control targets through Energy, materials savings & the 3R concept  (Reducing, Re-using & Recycling).

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