Six Must Have Solar Toys for Your Next Generation Kids

solar toys

The world today is at the brink of a global warming crisis and the threats of climate change are looming large. Tthere is an urgent need to stop using fossil fuel and shift to renewable energy like solar and wind energy.

Technological innovation in renewable energy is fairly new and needs to promoted and popularized among the masses. We need to introduce these technologies to our next generation at a younger age and challenge their minds for innovating and creating clean energy.

At the same time, we ourselves need to appreciate and understand the potential of Solar Energy and work for mainstreaming it in our policy making. With this backdrop Delhi Greens shares with you 6 Solar Toys that you can and should buy for your children this summer.

You will not just be gifting them these Solar Toys, by promoting clean energy, you will also be giving them the gift of a clean, green future. Do go through these solar energy based products and buy at least one for your kids. It’s a good way to show them that you care.

Solar Toys

solar toys1. 6 in 1 Solar Kit Series 2

The 6 in 1 Solar kit is easy to assemble and does not require any tools for assembly. This makes it ideal for children ages 10 and up to play and explore the potential of solar energy. The kit is a hybrid and can work both with batteries as well as solar power. This makes it a suitable kit for school projects and providing basic understanding of solar-hybrids. The Solar Kit comes with 1 solar panel, 2 gears with shaft, 2 adhesive sponges, 1 motor and 4 tray of different plastic parts.

Price: Rs. 579/-  |  Click here to read further details and buy 6 In 1 Solar Kit Series 2

solar toys2. 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit

The 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot is a Solar Toy that will be loved by your child and will keep her/him absorbed with imagination and inspiration. Users feedback indicates its a really educational toy to keep children busy and curious to know how a machine works.

Price: Rs. 469/-  |  Click here to read further details and buy 14 In 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit

solar toys3. Multi Colour Solar Car Kit

This easy to assemble Do It Yourself (DIY) kit is an excellent toy cum educational product for young minds. No batteries are required to run the car and the Kit is safe, educational and – obviously – Eco-friendly. It is perfect for school projects and the kit includes 2 wheel axis, 2 gears, 4 wheels, 1 solar panel with motor, 4 plastic car bodies of different shapes and stickers to decorate the cars. An engaging Kit for your child.

Price: Rs. 335/-  |  Click here to read further details and buy Multi Colour Solar Car Kit

elephant-solar-dancing4. Solar Powered Dancing Elephant

Bring this home and be prepared to see a lovable elephant dancing to the tune of sunlight! The Solar Powered Dancing Elephant flaps its trunk and ears when in the sun. An ideal gift to keep on your car dashboard especially if you drive often with your children. The elephant toy looks cute even when not dancing which makes it doubly useful.

Price: Rs.1,895/-  |  Click here to read further details and buy Solar Powered Dancing Elephant

5. Solar F1 Race Car

solar toys f1 racing carThis one’s a beauty too! Suitable for children ages 10 and above, the Solar F1 Race Car allows your children to make their own Hybrid F1 Car and run it either with a battery or with solar energy. Your child will learn how motors and automotive transmissions work and will be able to appreciate the power of solar energy. The pack includes solar cell, plastic body, gears, shafts motor and all necessary parts including an instructions manual.

Price: Rs. 1,590/-  |  Click here to read more and buy Solar F1 Race Car

multi-color-solar-kit solar toys6. Multi Colour 6-in-1 Energy Kit Series 2

This kit will provide basic understanding of solar energy for your kids. The Kit allows children to build their own solar-powered models. The Kit is – obviously – Eco-Friendly and very educational for young minds, who can learn the potential and possibilities of using solar energy and become solar engineers and green professionals of the future!

Price: Rs. 579/-  |  Click here to read further details and buy 6 in 1 Solar Robot Educational Kit


Hope you found some good solar toys for your kids in this list! Note: Prices are only indicative and may vary based on stock availability and discounts applicable from time to time.

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