Ahead of Diwali, Eco Clubs Urged to Campaign Against Crackers


The festival of Deepawali is no longer just about sweets and celebrations. It is also about the fear and anxiety of coping up with the tremendous amount of air and noise pollution that it will bring, to an already polluted Delhi city.

While majority of the people may not feel any major immediate impact of this pollution, a large number of people in the city are significantly impacted due to it. Even those who are not immediately impacted, suffer long term health problems due to the smoke and pollution.

Expressing concern over the rising pollution in Delhi, and the role Deepawali may play in it, the Deputy Chief Minster of Delhi Government Shri Manish Sisodia has written to the Eco Clubs of all schools in Delhi. He has urged all the Eco Clubs to play active role in the Anti-Cracker Campaign initiated by the Delhi Government and also participate in other such campaigns as well.

“Air pollution affects the health of all people. During Diwali, the pollution levels increase manifold due to use of crackers,” the letter reads. Highlighting the role of children in making such campaigns a success, the Deputy CM has urged all students to participate in this campaign to keep the Delhi city safe from the smoke and noise of crackers. The letter can be downloaded here.

The Eco Clubs programme is an over two decade old programme of the Ministry of Environment Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Government of India for creating awareness among school students about the various environmental issues and challenges.

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