Earth Day Network Announces Commitment to Environmental Literacy


Earth Day Network (EDN) is the world’s largest recruiter for the environmental movement, working with more than 50,000 partners in 196 countries to build environmental democracy worldwide.

On Global Citizen India Festival in Mumbai recently, Earth Day Network announced its commitment to global environmental literacy, including educating 10 million youth and one million Panchayat women leaders, rural women, and girls about the environment and sustainable development over the next decade.

Earth Day Network’s commitment to global environmental literacy was announced by its Ambassador, Actress and Activist Sonam Kapoor, during the Global Citizen India Festival. Sonam Kapoor said, “Earth Day Network’s commitment to global environmental literacy will empower youth as well as rural women and girls across India to be leaders in creating healthy communities, developing green jobs, and promoting green technology.”

Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network said, “Environmental literacy is at the heart of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In order to transition to an inclusive and green economy, build a grassroots movement to tackle climate change, and create resilient communities, it is essential that citizens understand the fundamental facts about the environmental challenges facing our world.”

Earth Day Networks partners in this commitment include agencies like the World Bank (Connect4Climate), UN Environment, United Nations Foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, etc.

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