Cargill Attempts Limca Book of Records for Making Paper Bags

Cargill Business Services, a unit of Cargill India, attempted to enter the prestigious Limca Book of Records by making 27,707 paper bags in a record time of 40 minutes. This attempt was part of the Company’s efforts to curb plastic pollution. The bags made from used paper will be distributed to the local vendors in the city with the help of United Way, Bengaluru. This was a joint initiative of Cargill Business Services and United Way Bengaluru, a non-profit organisation, in order to reduce pollution and promote green living.

Plastic Pollution is one of the biggest concerns for India. It is an undeniable fact that we are surrounded by waste plastic and serious measures need to be taken in order to make the situation better. Around 50% of the plastic that we use is single-use plastic. Every year, India generates huge amount of plastic waste. Often this waste leaks into our oceans and affects the flora and fauna adversely. This plastic can take thousands and thousands of years to fully disintegrate.

Over 1,000 employees of Cargill Business Services made the paper bags from old magazines and newspapers in order to reduce the use of plastic bags in the region. The United Way will be distributing these paper bags to around 2,000 street vendors in main markets of Bengaluru. At this event, the company also launched its India Edition of Corporate Responsibility &S ustainable Development Report 2017-18 as part of its commitment towards sustainability and community engagement. In India, over last five years, Cargill’s targeted corporate responsibility have impacted over 3.2 million lives.

“By taking this challenge upon ourselves to make a record number of paper bags, we aim to raise awareness about the environment. Reducing use of plastic bags in our daily lives and by distributing the paper bags we made today to local vendors we want to encourage a positive shift to using recycled paper instead of plastic wherever possible. At Cargill, we are committed to such initiatives that help in having a greater impact on the community we live and work in” said Lalitha Indrakanti, Managing Director, and Center Leader, Cargill Business Services.

Sinni Naithani

Sinni Naithani is a multimedia and mass communication professional who is always ready to explore the planet, accept difficult challenges and work towards creating a healthier environment.

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