Delhi’s Date with Democracy, Follow These Seven Steps and Vote Responsibly

Democracy is a system which allows you to have any opinion that you want, without having the fear of persecution. Your opinion may differ from all the other people around you, but as long as it does not hurt anybody, democracy guarantees your right to have it.

All it asks in exchange is that once every five years, you cast your vote for the candidate who you think can best represent you. There is also an optional responsibility of monitoring the actions of the candidate who is finally voted into power.

That time, in the world’s largest democracy, has now come. And the Election Commission of India is calling all eligible voters to participate, in what is clearly the largest elections the world has ever seen till date. Make yourself count and be part of history by ensuring that you come out on the voting day, which is 12 May 2019 for Delhi, and cast your vote. Here is a quick checklist you must go through to ensure your vote makes a difference in India Elections 2019.

Election 2019 Checklist for Delhi

STEP 1. First of all, ensure that you are carrying a valid Voter ID Card. To do this, find your Voter ID Card and click here to verify that it is valid (especially if have shifted from one house to the other in the recent past).

STEP 2. You can download the Voter Helpline App published by the Election Commission for any kind of query or support such as if you are changing your constituency, correction of entries, etc. Click here to download this app on your Android smart phone.

STEP 3. Next, find out your Assembly and Parliamentary Constituency. To do this, click here and enter your locality. You can also click on the blue map on the right and enlarge it to get an idea of your Parliamentary Constituency (PCs).

Delhi has a total of seven PCs which are as follows:

  • Image by Sushant

    Chandani Chowk

  • North-east Delhi
  • East Delhi
  • New Delhi
  • North-west Delhi
  • West Delhi
  • South Delhi


STEP 4. Find out who are the candidates nominated from your constituency for Elections 2019. Find out and read up on the track record of individual candidates. Assess the past promises and commitments made by individual candidates and see how much they have been able to deliver. Make a careful analysis so you can choose the best candidate to represent you and your views.

Click here to visit the Candidate Affidavit Management Portal of the Election Commission of India to access and read the affidavits filed by all the candidates in your Constituency. It will also allow you to go through the list of all the candidates.

As of recent information received at the time this article was published, the candidates from the seven Parliamentary Constituencies from the three main political parties (AAP, BJP and INC) in Delhi are as follows:

  • Chandani Chowk: Pankaj Gupta (AAP), Dr. Harshvardhan (BJP) and J.P. Agrawal (INC).
  • North-east Delhi: Dilip Pandey (AAP), Manoj Tiwari (BJP), Shiela Dixit (INC)
  • East Delhi: Atishi (AAP), Gautam Gambhir (BJP), Arvinder Singh Lovely (INC)
  • New Delhi: Brijesh Goyal (AAP), Minakshi Lekhi (BJP), Ajay Maken (INC)
  • North-west Delhi: Guggan Singh (AAP), Hansraj Hans (BJP), Rajesh Lilothia (INC)
  • West Delhi: Balbir Singh Jakhar (AAP), Pravesh Verma (BJP), Mahabal Mishra (INC)
  • South Delhi: Raghav Chadha (AAP), Ramesh Bidhuri (BJP)


STEP 5. Find out as much as you can about the political party represented by individual candidates before you make your final decision. The views of the political party and also the Election Manifesto 2019 need to be considered before you can make a final decision on who to vote.

If you are a young person, or even if you are not, find out how much emphasis has been given to sustainable development and environmental protection by different political parties in their manifesto. This is because securing the future requires green action today.

|| Click here to Download Election 2019 Manifesto of Aam Aadmi Party
|| Click here to Download Election 2019 Manifesto of Bharatiya Janta Party
|| Click here to Download Election 2019 Manifesto of Indian National Congress

STEP 6. Find your Polling Station. To find where you have to go to cast your vote, click here and select your Assembly Constituency from the drop down box. From the list that appears, find out your locality, polling area and address of polling stations.

STEP 7. VOTE on 12 May 2019, and Be the Change!

Top image by Orijit Sen.

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