JSW ToI Earth Care Awards Invite Nominations for 2019

JSW and Times of India invite institutes and organisations who have implemented locally evolved climate friendly practices to nominate themselves for Earth Care Awards 2019. The Earth Care Awards 2019 recognizes actions and innovations for climate change mitigation and adaptation by communities, entrepreneurs, large scale industries, women led enterprises and urban bodies.

The Earth Care Awards began in 2008 and is now into its 9th edition. It focuses on greater partnership in the South Asian Region which encompassing South Asian Association of Region Cooperation (SAARC) and is considered highly prone to the vagaries of climate change.

The SAARC region harbor about one-fifth of the world population in only about 3% of the world’s land area. The effects of climate change are compounded by other challenges like extreme poverty, natural resource erosion, unpredictable monsoon, and occurrence of extreme weather events specifically in the South Asian Region. Climate change has already significantly impacted agriculture in India.

The Earth Care Awards 2019 set to award best practices under the following five verticals.

1. Community Based Mitigation And Adaptation In Water Resources, Agriculture, Forestry, Other Land Use, Animal Husbandry And Climate Risk Proofing
2. Innovation in Climate Action
3. Leadership in Urban Climate Action
4. GHG Mitigation in Large Enterprises
5. Leadership of Women Led Enterprise in Climate Action

To apply, institutes and organisations need to register on the Earth Care Awards website. Click here to Register for the Earth Care Awards 2019.

Last date for filing nominations is 15 May 2019 15 June 2019.

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