MCD Gives a Final Push: Segregate Waste in Your RWA or Pay Penalty

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has recently been taking proactive steps for promoting segregation of household waste. A factor which has pushed the MCDs in Delhi to initiate work in this direction is the notification of the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016. The subsequent State Policy and Solid Waste Management Strategy of Delhi document released by the Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi has only ensured speedy action.

The North MCD, for instance, is all geared up for penalizing those RWAs and businesses who are not segregating their waste. Section 4(i) & (ii) of Chapter 2 of the North DMC Solid Waste Management Bye Laws-2017 makes it necessary for all waste generators, especially Bulk Generators, to separate and store the solid waste being generated by them. The Solid Waste has to be segregated in three categories as below:

1. Non-biodegradable of Dry Waste

2. Biodegradable or Wet Waste

3. Domestic hazardous waste

The North MCD has presently involved NGOs and civil society groups, to raise awareness about waste segregation. Residents and business owners are being sensitized through door to door campaign on the need and importance of segregating their waste in their homes and giving away only segregated waste to the waste collectors authorized by them.

An important provision of the new Bye Laws-2017 will perhaps help the waste crisis in Delhi to a great extent. As per this provision, the North MCD is encouraging Bulk Generators of Solid Waste to process, treat and dispose of biodegradable waste in their own campuses.

The North MCD is also geared up for implementing the fine/ challans to those defaulters who do not segregate their waste before giving it away. Very soon, a fine of INR 200 will have to be paid by households and/or RWAs who do not segregate their waste at source.

This fine is not one time and will have to be paid every time a household or RWA fails to segregate waste before giving it to the waste collector. For bulk generators like hotels and restaurants, this fine is as high as INR 50,000 and INR 20,000 respectively for every time they default.

The North MCD has notified through a letter to all gated communities and other residential and commercial units in its area that NO un-segregated waste will be collected from apartments and colonies w.e.f. 30 May 2019. And that all gated communities must submit a plan on how they will be managing the biodegradable waste within their own premises from this date onward.

Waste management has been one of the most concerning yet least talked about environmental challenge. The three landfills in Delhi, Bhalswa, Ghazipur and Okhla, are already overflowing with waste. This action by the MCD is although a little late, but better late than never! Let us pledge to segregate our waste in our homes and help keep Delhi clean and free from filth and garbage.

With inputs from Mr. Rohit Aggarwal

DG Correspondent

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  1. In east Delhi, mcd is not doing anything. There is no collection and garbage trucks are just standing on the road.

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