Messe Frankfurt Conducts E-waste Collection Drive on Environment Day

With Global Exhibition Day and World Environment Day being celebrated internationally on 5th June 2019, Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India announced an E-Waste Collection Drive at their headquarters in Mumbai. The aim of the drive was to spread awareness about the lesser known hazards of electronic waste generated in the city.

Mr. Raj Manek, Executive Director and Board Member of Messe Frankfurt Asia Holding Ltd. said, “Messe Frankfurt strongly believes in investing beyond business, for the larger good of the society and long-term social and economic development. With Global Exhibitions Day being celebrated together with World Environment Day this year, our objective was to channelize resources towards creating awareness that will help industries and individuals be more environmentally aware and conscious of their carbon footprints.”

E-waste has been a major threat to the environment with very little knowledge on how to manage it. Mumbai, in particular, tops the list of Indian Cities generating e-waste in the country. Mumbai produces 1.2 lakh metric tonnes of e-waste every year out of the India-wide annual total of 18.5 lakh metric tonnes.

Most people have no idea of how to dispose their e-waste in an eco-friendly manner and end up selling it to scrap dealers or worse, dumping it in garbage bins from where it most likely ends up in landfills. The improper disposal of electronic scrap, which contains toxic metals, leads to air and water pollution, exposure to which can cause severe health problems.

As part of this initiative, Messe Frankfurt collected old, non-repairable and non-functional electronic waste material during the course of the entire week and ensured that the material is handed-over to authorised agencies in their mission to recycle and refurbish the electronic waste products.

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