Star Rays Diamonds Begins its Journey Towards Becoming Carbon Neutral

If carbon dioxide is becoming an increasingly notorious carbon form, diamond continues to be the most popular allotrope of carbon! Diamond mining has the same environmental impact that are associated with other mining activities. However, as companies are becoming more conscious of their carbon and ecological footprint, there have been large-scale efforts being made to reduce these impacts.

Recently, Star Rays – a De Beers Sightholder specializing in certified solitaires from 0.30 – 5.00 ct+ – has decided to work towards becoming India’s first carbon-neutral diamond company. By doing this, Star Rays has underlined its commitment to sustainable business practices. Star Rays is also participating in the World Jewellery Confederation’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Measuring and Offsetting Initiative to ensure that its carbon emissions are measured in accordance with international standards.

“Global warming and climate change have come to the fore as a key issue in sustainable development. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions at every step in our business and personal life. We have therefore decided to collaborate with a carbon consultancy firm to become carbon neutral by complying with GHG Protocol Corporate Standard,” Jitesh Shah, Partner Star Rays informed while explaining the motivation behind this initiative.

“Carbon neutrality is just one of a number of initiatives Star Rays has adopted to ensure that our clients can take pride in purchasing natural diamonds manufactured by an environmentally and socially-conscious company,” said Rahul Jauhari, Sr. Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing.

The natural diamond industry is moving towards a carbon-neutral future with increased use of renewable energy sources in various mines. It is hoped that such initiatives will soon be taken in all other aspects of the diamond industry and the diamond will truly maintain its luster in the fight against climate change.

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