Infographics on Status of Forest and Groundwater in India by Delhi Greens


Delhi Greens recently released two inforgraphics to raise awareness about the status of natural resources in India. The first inforgraphic focuses on the status of forest cover in India and another on the status of groundwater. Both the infographics provide state and union territory (UT) level analysis. Forest cover provides an understanding of the total area covered by forest in a state or a Union Territory. Groundwater is the water available beneath the ground and is usually a reserve source of drinking water.

The infographic on the status of Forest Cover categorizes states and UTs of India with respect to how much they deviate from 33% forest cover. 33% forest cover is the figure generally acceptable for a state to be have health and sustainable forests. The infographic uses status of ground water in the constituent Blocks (data presented as percentage in each state/UT) of respective state/UT.

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