Weekly Environmental News Update for Week 18, 2021

Weekly environmental news update from across different media networks for Week 18 (May 03 to 09) 2021

  1. 20 heritage jamun trees may be uprooted in Central Vista revamp
    Citizens and activists have been sharing pictures on social media of the dug-up Rajpath stretch lamenting the loss of the heritage jamun trees.
  2. Delhi, Haryana in a tussle over water supply
    Delhi covering its own ‘inefficiency in distribution and management of water’ by raising false claims of deficit supply, says Haryana.
  3. Biomedical waste generation at maximum as Covid-19 cases surge in Delhi
    According to Biotic Waste Management, one of the largest common biomedical waste treatment facilities in Delhi, Covid-19 waste generated last July was around 7.2 tonnes per day, which increased to 12.5-13 tonnes per day by the end of April 2021.
  4. Snake sightings on the rise with soaring temperatures across Delhi: Wildlife SOS 
    During summer, snakes seek out shade and shelter to stay cool.
  5. Going green: Delhi Airport becomes first globally to have 1,000 TaxiBot movements
    Delhi International Airport Limited on Thursday announced completing 1,000 movements of sustainable taxing of aircraft with Taxibot
  6. Electric vehicles may not form 1% of cars by 2024: Hyundai
    Hyundai Motors India president S S Kim has said that adoption of electrics in the Indian car market will be slow and may not cross 1% of overall sales in next three years.
  7. Government should incentivise use of clean fuels: IAC
    With the government imposing a green tax on old polluting vehicles, Indian Auto LPG Coalition is advocating the need for this deterrent to be accompanied by incentives to people shifting to cleaner alternative fuels such as auto LPG.
  8. Wildlife board meeting raises concerns on ecotourism in forests
    The National Board for Wildlife deferred its decision to implement guidelines on ecotourism in forest and wildlife areas and to rationalise boundaries of protected areas at its meeting held in March.
  9. Four arrested for trafficking pangolins in Maharashtra’s Alibag
    Pangolins are protected under Schedule I of the Wildlife Act, putting them in the same bracket as tigers, lions, rhinos and several other species. Smuggling or hunting of pangolins attracts the highest penalties as per the law.
  10. SBI, EIB tie-up for €100 million green fund
    The State Bank of India and the European Investment Bank on Friday said they have agreed to back an initiative of €100 million for new high-impact climate action and sustainability business financing
  11. India And United Kingdom Deepen Work To Combat Climate Change By 2030
    India and UK agreed on a joint roadmap that sets out an ambitious agenda for UK-India collaboration on fighting climate change, including a new partnership on clean energy transition.
  12. Chinese Rocket Segment Plunges Back To Earth, Crashes Near Maldives
    A large segment of a Chinese rocket re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrated over the Indian Ocean, the Chinese space agency said, following fevered speculation over where the 18-tonne object would come down.
  13. Limiting global warming to 1.5°C may ‘halve’ rising sea levels
    An international team of more than 50 climate scientists combined hundreds of melt simulations of the Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets, which contain enough frozen water to raise the world’s seas some 65 metres (213 feet).

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