Weekly Environmental News Update for Week 26, 2021

Weekly environmental news update from across different media networks for Week 26 (June 28 to July 04) 2021.

  1. DPCC order to reduce fuel genset emissions
    The DPCC said the directions were issued in compliance of targets set by the National Clean Air Programme and the orders of the National Green Tribunal, to reduce pollution levels in the national capital by at least 20%-30% by 2024.
  2. Delhi: Action plan is ready on paper since 2019, but still no alerts on heatwave
    Delhi’s existing State Action Plan on Climate Change, which started taking shape in 2011 and was finally released in 2019, outlines measures to prepare for heatwaves in the region, highlighting how the number of heatwave days have only been increasing gradually over the last few decades
  3. Non-Compliance of E-Waste Rules “Very High” in Delhi: Pollution Control Body
    The Delhi Pollution Control Committee, being the state pollution control authority in Delhi, is required to carry out periodical inspections to ensure compliance of the terms and conditions laid down by the CPCB.
  4. 9 districts ready green plan, 2 panels to ensure action
    Nine districts in Delhi have prepared district environment plans, which have been submitted to Central Pollution Control Board.
  5. 50-75% saplings planted in Delhi between 2016-19 survived: Audit by FRI
    The survival rate of new saplings planted in the National Capital between 2016 and 2019 has been between 50% and 75%, which is considered “good”, according to the third-party plantation audit conducted by Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.
  6. Central Delhi second most rain deficient district in Delhi
    Central Delhi has received only 8.5mm of rain since June 1 this year, making it the driest place in the National Capital so far this season and the second-most rain-deficient district in the country, data from the India Meteorological Department showed.
  7. Cooling pandemic offers little relief as unforgiving heatwave singes India
    As parts of India reel from an intense, unrelenting heatwave, the sense of relief over falling Covid cases has almost vanished into thin air.
  8. Delhi: Revamped Chandni Chowk stretch waterlogged after Saturday’s rain
    The capital received around 13 mm of rainfall in a span of 24 hours, as per the India Meteorological Department. The water on the stretch, meanwhile, drained out within 10 minutes.
  9. Delhi govt bans fishing in Yamuna, says water too polluted
    The Delhi government’s animal husbandry department on Tuesday banned fishing in parts of river Yamuna, citing the high pollution levels in the water.
  10. Delhi: For Yamuna, change for worse only constant
    Even as the Yamuna continues to suffer, with toxic froth accumulating on its surface and tonnes of sewage entering the river each day, its floodplain is fighting a battle of its own.
  11. Dead cat may have been from family of 3 at Asola
    Officials at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary suspect that the dead leopard, which was found on Monday morning on Faridabad-Gurugram Road (Pali Road), was one of the three cats that had been staying in the sanctuary for nearly a year.
  12. Environment Ministry seeks solution on ‘bird droppings’
    The Ministry of Environment and Forests has formally issued an advertisement “inviting proposals” that can solve the problem of bird droppings in its Central courtyard at its HQ in the Indira Paryavaran Bhavan, New Delhi.
  13. Supreme Court pulls up environment ministry over ‘diluting green standards’
    The Supreme Court on Monday remarked that the ministry of environment should also act like a “ministry for environment”, bemoaning that environmental standards have been constantly diluted in the recent past.
  14. Antarctica hits record temperature of 18.3 degrees Celsius, UN confirms report
    Antarctica logged temperatures up to 18.3 degrees Celsius (64.9 degrees Fahrenheit), a new maximum temperature record for the region, on February 6 earlier this year, the United Nations World Meteorological Organization has confirmed.

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