Weekly Environmental News Update for Week 30, 2021

Weekly environmental news update from across different media networks for Week 30 (July 26 to August 01) 2021.

  1. From heatwaves to rainfall records:An extreme July for Delhi’s weather
    Data from the India Meteorological Department shows that till July 29, Delhi recorded 463.5mm rainfall. In an average year, this number is 210.6 mm.
  2. Air Pollution in Delhi-NCR Shows Decreasing Trend Over Last 4 Years: CPCB
    A number of policy measures have been taken in the National Capital Region to curb air pollution.
  3. Study of outdoor air purifiers shows they cut PM2.5 by 17%
    A study conducted by the National Environment Engineering Research Institute has revealed that the air purifiers installed by GMDA last year brought a reduction of around 32% in PM10 and 17% in PM2.5.
  4. Ozone becoming more widespread in Delhi-NCR across all seasons: Study
    An analysis said that contrary to the notion that ozone is predominantly a summer phenomenon, the gas has emerged as an equally strong concern during winter as well.
  5. Delhi releases waste into Yamuna, thousands of dead fish wash ashore on banks in Agra
    Industrial waste gushing into the Yamuna from Delhi, release of stagnant water from Mathura’s Gokul barrage and non-functional sewage treatment plants seem to have turned the river waters “highly toxic.”
  6. Microbes from human, animal excreta found above desirable limits in Yamuna
    Levels of fecal coliform (microbes from human and animal excreta) is above desirable limits in all points tested in the Yamuna in Delhi, except for Palla where the river enters the Capital, as per a Delhi government report.
  7. Check dams breathe life back into Delhi’s Asola wildlife sanctuary
    Besides retaining rain water and preventing soil run-off, these dams help in regeneration of trees.
  8. Act against violators in poultry market, NGT tells DPCC
    Following a plea against the Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board, alleging damage to the environment by activities in the Ghazipur poultry market, the National Green Tribunal has directed the DPCC to identify the violators and initiate prosecution.
  9. Another invasive Mexican tree species enters city’s lungs
    While the focus may be on removing Vilayati Kikar—a Mexican invasive species—from Delhi’s green areas, another invasive Mexican plant has escaped attention.
  10. Replace existing liquid fuels with auto LPG to counter climate change, says Indian Auto LPG Coalition
    The apex body of Auto LPG stakeholders in the country, the Indian Auto LPG Coalition, has called for replacing existing liquid fuels with auto LPG to reduce carbon emissions and counter climate change.
  11. India can save ₹8,940 crore a year by shutting old coal plants: Study
    India should accelerate decommissioning of 30 gigawatts of inefficient coal-fired capacity, and set aside another 20 gigawatts of plants as reserve, an exercise that will lead to monetary savings as well reduce pollution, the study says.
  12. 90% Indian buyers willing to pay premium for EV: Survey
    With global electric vehicle sales expected to boom in the next 12 months, nearly 90% of consumers in India are willing to pay a premium for buying an EV, according to a survey by consultancy firm EY.
  13. IndiGo first Indian carrier to start ESG reporting, mulls use of green fuel
    Meeting green goals will make the company attractive to global funds and lenders which are focusing increasingly more on sustainable investing.
  14. ‘India has no commitment of submitting fresh targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions’: Report
    A foreign news agency has reported that India and China have missed the deadline of July 30 set by the United Nations to provide an update on their plans for curbing the release of planet-warming gases.

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