Weekly Environmental News Update for Week 35, 2021

Weekly environmental news update from across different media networks for Week 35 (Aug 30 to Sep 05) 2021.

  1. Delhi will start implementing action plan to combat climate change by year end
    Delhi will start implementing a new 10-year action plan by this year end to combat climate change.
  2. Delhi: Wasteful use may water down 24×7 dream
    There is an ambitious project to give Delhiites 24×7 supply of water.
  3. NGT issues notices over green nod to highrise in Delhi University area
    National Green Tribunal has issued notices to the Centre and a private builder, seeking their response on a plea that challenges granting of an environmental clearance for a 38-floor group-housing project being built in the Delhi University area, near Vishwavidyalaya Metro station.
  4. Air pollution in India could cut life expectancy by 9 years: Study
    India’s air pollution levels have expanded geographically over time and increased so much in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh that an average person is now losing an additional 2.5 to 2.9 years of life expectancy, according to a new report.
  5. 18% of India’s tree species face extinction
    The main threats to tree species are forest clearance for various projects; other forms of habitat loss including exploitation for timber, medicine, etc; and the spread of invasive pests and diseases.
  6. National Green tribunal does not have suo motu powers: Centre to Supreme Court
    The National Green Tribunal does not possess suo motu powers but it can act on letters or communication addressed to it raising environmental concerns, the Centre told the Supreme Court on Thursday.
  7. Migratory species most vulnerable to plastic pollution, finds UN report
    Plastic pollution can also impact other migratory and resident species that live in freshwater environments including fish, through entanglement as well as through the ingestion of microplastics that can in turn impact species along the food web.
  8. Madagascar on the brink of first climate-induced famine, UN warns
    A four-year drought has pushed at least 30,000 people in southern Madagascar to level five of famine, the UN warned.
  9. 28% of 138,000 assessed species now face extinction: Conservation body
    Habitat loss, over exploitation and illegal trade have hammered global wildlife populations for decades, and climate change is now kicking in as a direct threat as well, the IUCN Congress, taking place in the French city of Marseille, reported.

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