Weekly Environmental News Update for Week 14, 2022

Weekly environmental news update from across different media networks for Week 14 (April 4 to April 10) 2022.

  1. Delhi to have summer action plan to fight pollution
    The Delhi government will prepare a 14-point summer action plan to fight pollution in the capital.
  2. Not winter, yet Delhi-NCR cities record ‘severe’ AQI in morning
    The Air Quality Index in several Delhi-NCR cities has been slipping into the “severe” category in the early morning hours, causing concerns among health-watchers.
  3. Almost everyone now breathing polluted air, warns WHO 
    According to WHO, 99% – or almost the entire world’s population breathes air with unhealthy levels of fine particulate matter & nitrogen dioxide, and threatens their health.
  4. Months on, Delhi Jal Board quick fix fails to clean Malviya Nagar’s dirty water
    Residents of south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar claimed that despite several complaints to Delhi Jal Board and other authorities, there has been no respite.
  5. IIT Delhi, Delhi Jal Board Collaborate to Conduct Research, Development Initiatives on Water Supply 
    The IIT Delhi and Delhi Jal Board will collaborate to conduct research and development initiatives on water supply and distribution.
  6. Centre, Delhi agencies to huddle next week, talk flattening landfills
    The main agenda of the meeting is early and time bound remediation of the three landfill sites along with solutions to various hurdles faced in the project.
  7. Delhi govt plans market survey to check single-use plastic
    The survey will have to be completed within four months of signing the contract and the agency will have to submit monthly reports to the government.
  8. Households in top 10% contribute largest share to GHG emission: IPCC
    Households with income in the top 10% contribute to about 36-45% of global consumption-based GHG emissions, according to IPCC new report.
  9. 10-fold rise in intense forest fires in India from 2000 to 2019, study points to climate change
    In a worrying indication of climate change, the occurrence of intense forest fires has risen ten-fold in India in the past two decades, according to a new study.
  10. Orange alert in Delhi as national capital records April’s hottest day in 5 years
    IMD issued an Orange alert in the national capital for Sunday as it recorded the highest maximum temperature in the month of April in five years at 42.4 degrees Celsius.
  11. Twenty-nine nations pledge record support to Global Environment Facility
    Twenty-nine countries have jointly pledged more than $5 billion for the Global Environment Facility, providing a major boost to international efforts to protect biodiversity.
  12. Study finds how mountain streams can signal climate change
    Scientists at the University of California have found a new tool that can better assess an important but overlooked indicator of global warming, which is a variety of bugs, worms and snails living in high mountain streams.
  13. France Bans Some Shorter Domestic Flights to Curb Emissions
    The ban aims to reduce carbon emissions caused by planes in France and is part of the country’s overall effort to reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

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