Photo essay on birds in the plastic habitat

Birders are often known for showcasing colourful images from around the world. These images constitute serene green background with a bokeh effect. The bird photographs make the avian fauna even more attractive to our eyes. However, in recent times, the reality is getting trashed, literally. The culprits, of course, are human beings. We are destroying pristine habitats all around the globe and dumping it with our garbage. Trash of different kind has become omnipresent, resulting in widespread plastic pollution in bird habitats.

This photo essay is a reality check showcasing the other side of bird habitats, the harsh reality birders are now facing. Some of these photos are from Delhi NCR, while others are from all over India. The titles are the first thoughts that come to mind, and if plastic pollution is not checked, may become the future names of these birds.

Plastic Golden Plover

golden plover bird in plastic waste

Dumping-ground Flamingo

flamingo in waste

Poisonous-pond Heron

pond heron in waste water

Polythene Polybagger

Bori Bagtail

Thermocol Tern

Maila Mallard

mallard in plastic waste

Kudedaan Kalij



Asani Bhaduri

Dr. Asani Bhaduri is assistant professor of Molecular Biology at University of Delhi. He likes to be better known as a Half-mad K-no-w-mad and is an avid bird watcher. Reach him on Twitter @Hknowmad

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