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Leaf Litter Continues to Be Burnt Despite Ban

Leaves Burning in Delhi

Even as the Govt. of NCT of Delhi’s ban on burning of leaves is more than a year old now, leaf litter in different parts of Delhi continues to be burnt. And it is not just remote parks or residential apartments where this is happeing but also in academic and government institutes of international repute. The ban is being violated openly and leaves are piled  up and burnt as if the ban does not even exist. The Environment Secretary of the Govt of NCT of Delhi has talked of sending flying squads to catch the culprits but such is the magnitude of this violation that it has become very difficult to put a check on this.

The above is an image of leaf litter being burnt in a government establishement near the Qutab Minar. 

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  • dr tanya kumar

    How about allotting an area in each locality especially in the greener ndmc areas for a large pit in which the leaves can be collected and in the monsoons the same can be used for rainwater harvesting. We need to have earthworm farms to through sufficient volumes into these pits

  • Unabated Burning of Leaves Calls for Urgent Attention

    […] The fallen leaves of the Spring season collect in large numbers and are unfortunately treated as litter. They are raked aside in large heaps and these heaps of fallen organic matter can be seen burning in several parts of the Delhi. The ecological application of the leaf shedding mechanism by trees (in addition to adapting to the approaching summer months) is to return nutrients to the soil. However, the burning of leaves not only prevents the retuning of precious nutrients to the soil, it also leads to a sudden peak in air pollution in the city. It is due to this reason that the burning of leaves has been banned by the Delhi Government. However, in every Spring, the leaf litter continues to be burnt despite the ban. […]

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