Global Warming, Local Irony!

A little while ago, Headlines Today – a leading News channel in Delhi aired a live interview with Dr. R.K. Pachauri’s of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Amidst discussing the threats of Global Warming, the news anchor kept stressing on the double standards of the ‘West’ over this issue and the large ignorance among people over Environmental issues. 

Now here’s the irony part! All through the interview this is what was being flashed at the bottom of the screen – as the report to be shown after this interview. 

Which small car to buy? More in ‘Small Getz it’

Needless to say, the ‘Small Getz it’ report that followed (which was much well researched than the interview) informed the middle class about the latest top models of small cars that can are available at really affordable prices! 

More cars >> more greenhouse gases >> Global Warming….Is the concept really that difficult to grasp ?!

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3 thoughts on “Global Warming, Local Irony!

  1. Ironical indeed, responsible journalims is not enough..we also need well informed and educated journalists…who are well versed with what they are talking. Bahar Dutt of CNN-IBN is one such example.

  2. I think this incident has a lot to say about our media and also the society in which the media is situated. It actually highlights the fact that the extent to which the media is influenced by the advertisers is going unnoticed and undocumented. The reality is that this linkage is by far the most important. In all possibilty the anchor did not even know that such a report is to be aired next. Not to mention that the report itself was more of an advertorial of Getz, rather than an objective story. The disconnect is scary.

    And rather more importantly, More cars>> less space of roads>>more felling to trees to create space>>and the related consequences

    What is the use of boasting about the “World’s largest Eco-friendly CNG bus service” when the number of vehicals on the roads completely decimates the advantage of non polluting CNG.

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