MoEF Solicits Comments on Definitions of Forests

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The Union Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF) has asked for comments on three possible options for the definition of Forests that the Ministry has evolved on the basis of consultation made with different stakeholders throughout the country.

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Click above to view the necessary details on MoEF’s Website

Click here to read the Minutes of the Meeting of the Expert Group on Definition of Forests at MoEF New Delhi, on 30th April and 1st May 2007.

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3 thoughts on “MoEF Solicits Comments on Definitions of Forests

  1. defining the forest wont help…we need stricter laws…and an enforcement mechanism if we want to even begin saving our forests.

  2. Is Bioprospecting really that bad a word as it sounds above? Bioprospecting should be seen separate from biopiracy and when done appropriately, can go a long way in the ‘sustainable’ development of the traditional peoples.

  3. Forest can not be defined as an independent geo-physical entity. In defining it, we need to integrate the age old wisdom of the communities. Forest is the indivisible and inherent bio-resource of the given basin, which sutains the biodiveresity, hydrology, soil health, ecosystems and livelihood. No political boundary or any other delineation can make better justice to this fact. but market driven economy mainly has compartmental look into the whole thing as it aims for bioprospecting without considering its long term negative impact. Conservation, management and rejuvenation without integrated perspective may end up in only damaging the basin affecting not only the future potential of the natural resources but alos the livelihood of the communities and the economy of the country in long term.

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