20th March, 2010: World House Sparrow Day

World House Sparrow Day

If there is one bird you can remember from your childhood, it would probably be the House Sparrow. Since it lives in close proximity with humans, the House Sparrow is, for most of us, the first bird we learn to identify. Many bird watchers and ornithologists recall with fondness how the House Sparrow gave flight to their passion for observing birds. The association goes back centuries. No other bird has been associated with the day-to-day life of humanity like the House Sparrow. It is a bird that evokes fond memories and has thus found mention in folklore and songs from time immemorial.

Till not very long ago, the House Sparrow was one of the most abundant and common birds in the world. But like all other plants and animals which were once abundant and now face a shaky future, their numbers are declining across their natural range. This is because of wide ranging reasons such as destruction of habitat to lack of insect food for the young and even the increasing microwave pollution from mobile phone towers.

Sparrows in CP
यह बड़ा ही सुखद अनुभव था. हम अपने एक मित्र की दुकान जो इस समय उजडती बस्ती कनाट प्लेस मैं है, मिलने गये. दुकान के बाहर कुछ छोटे पेड़ जिन्हे बर्बाद करने मैं हर सरकारी महकमें ने कोई कसर नहीं छोड़ी उन पर जिन चिड़ियों को हम और हमारे बुज़ुर्ग देखते आ रहे थे और जो अब काफी तेजी से गायब हो रही है को हमने अच्छी तादाद में देखा (क्योकि शायद इस उजाडने और बसाने की प्रक्रिया मैं उनके छोटे झुरमुट नुमा झाड़ अब गायब हो गये हैं. सिर्फ कनाट प्लेस ही क्यों, दिल्ली के हर कोने मैं यही हाल है. यही वो चिड़िया है जिसकी चहचहाट से लोगो का सवेरा होता था. चलिये इनके लिया कुछ करा जाये. हमारी माननीय मुख्यमंत्री भी इनके बार मैं काफी चिंतित रहती है. – Rakesh Kahri from Nature Foundation (India)

World House Sparrow Day (WHSD), is thus being celebrated on 20 March 2010, focusing on raising awareness about the decline of the House Sparrow and throw light on the problems faced by the House Sparrow in its daily fight for survival.

World House Sparrow Day also celebrates the common biodiversity found in and around us and draws attention to its importance. So make–20th March 2010–a day to celebrate the common birds and biodiversity around you and raise a toast to the House Sparrow!

The Honourable Chief Minister of Delhi, will be inaugurating this International event at her residence on 20th March at 10 AM. In order to participate or for more information, contact: Mohammed Dilawar – 91 94200 01820

Dr. Surya Prakash from JNU would also be carrying out an illustrative talk and exhibition along with WWF-India. He can be contacted at 09810408330.

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  1. Really a wonderfull effort. We are quite lucky to hear house sparrows doing “chi chi” in our house at vallabh vidyanagar near Anand-Gujarat. Jay Jagat.

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