Petition to Live Earth Organisers: Dissociate from DOW

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Dow Lies, Earth Dies (not lives)

Dow Chemical and its subsidiaries have contaminated water across the globe. They have shown themselves indifferent to the plight of their victims, and stubbornly refused to spend even a cent on cleaning up their toxic mess. Instead Dow is now spending money trying to clean up its image: a global greenwash.

For an $81 billion corporation, the cost of sponsoring Live Earth is a trifle. By associating itself with a noble and important cause that it in fact despises, Dow wants to bury its terrifying secrets (and with them its victims’ hopes for justice). By presenting itself as a ‘green’ and trustworthy organisation, Dow plans to grab a chunk of the global water commodity market, cashing in on a problem that it itself has helped to create.

If you support Live Earth, cherish its ideals, and genuinely want to help people whose water is contaminated. . .then please sign the online petition filed by

and call on Live Earth to:

  1. to dissociate Live Earth from Dow as soon as possible
  2. ask Dow Chemical to fulfill its legal liabilities in Bhopal and clean up its contamination
  3. insist that Dow Chemical provides clean water to communities where its groundwater contamination is causing illness

Dow’s Dirty Dozens | SIGN THE PETITION | Dow’s Global Legacy of Poison and Pain

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