Intercontinental Hotels Group Celebrates Green Week at Crowne Plaza


Actor Om Puri and Mr. Greesh Bindra (General Manager, Crowne Plaza, Greater NOIDA) planting a yellow rose for the environment.

Hotel Crowne Plaza® Greater Noida, part of InterContinental Hotels Group’s Global portfolio, recently celebrated its first ever Green Week. The celebration of the Green Week by Crowne Plaza was carried out as part of its philosophy underlined by their understanding that “Caring for the environment goes hand in hand with our purpose of creating Great Hotels Guests Love”. In doing so, Hotel Crowne Plaza has indeed shown the way forward for other hotels and industries by accepting the responsibility of contributing positively to the environment and community. The Green Week celebrations at Crowne Plaza took place from 18th to 22nd August, 2014.

The objectives of the Green Week were largely to promote the principles of environment and sustainability and make the employees of this IHG aware about the concept of a carbon footprint and conscious that simple everyday decisions can reduce our environmental impact to a great extent. According to Ms. Nita Baluni, Director Human Resources at IHG-Crowne Plaza, “Our objective is to engage our employees to contribute in the everyday operations towards our Green Engage initiative. Cleaning the periphery, planting drought resistant saplings are some of the activities which will hopefully inculcate a sense of ownership in all our employees to incorporate green practices on everyday basis.”

Another objective of the Green Week celebration was also to spread awareness about IHG’s five-year target to reduce its carbon footprint by 12% from 2013 to 2017. It is noteworthy to note that the Intercontinental Group of Hotels already have a IHG Green Engage system in place which measures the environmental impact its its hotels, and helps the Group to manage costs. According to their estimate, the IHG Green Engage can help an average hotel save up to 25% on energy use. Consequently, IHG Green Engage leads to environmental benefits as well saving of money. At the same time, the IHG Hotels provide its guests with an environmental friendly stay, which is also the value system of many of these guests.

Various activities such as plantation of saplings, cleaning drives, movie screenings, recycling days, quiz competitions etc were organised all througout the Green Week. Crowne Plaza Greater NOIDA is already renowned for its friendly and proactive services, living upto the promise to “Make it Happen” for its guest and the larger community it caters to. With the celebration of the Green Week, the Hotel has only added another feather in its cap making it an even more responsible brand in the hospitality industry.

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