Vedanta Hosted Its First Sustainable Development Day on July 1 2015


Vedanta Resources and its subsidiaries hosted its landmark first Sustainable Development Day on 1 July 2015 in London. The Day was hosted for analysts and investors to explain how Vedanta is embedding sustainability across its operations. The first Sustainable Development Day platform was also used to provide an update on progress in ensuring sustainability by Vedanta in the past year.

Vedanta’s first Sustainable Development Day was launched by Roma Balwani, Vedanta’s Sustainability, CSR and Communications President. The launch was followed by a presentation from Euan Macdonald, Chairman of Vedanta’s Sustainability Committee and Non-Executive Director. Tom Albanese, Chief Executive Officer, Vedanta, spoke about how Vedanta is putting its sustainable development model into practice.


The day also included case studies on sustainable development initiatives at Vedanta’s operations. Notable among these were the presentations made by Abhijit Pati, CEO of Vedanta’s Aluminium Business. He explained how his division is partnering with communities, local government and NGOs to benefit the societies in Odisha, which has the richest mineral resources of any state in India.

Others who made these case study presentations included Deshnee Naidoo, CEO of Zinc International who presented the action taken to protect regional biodiversity during the development of the Gamsberg Project in South Africa and Steven Din, CEO of Konkola Copper Mines who discussed the much improved relationship with the Government of Zambia which has resulted from continual engagement to reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDs in communities and the workplace.

Tom Albanese, CEO of Vedanta Resources Plc, made some important observations on the day. He highlighted the commitment of Vedanta to sustainability by stating, “Our approach to achieving long-term business goals places utmost importance on sustainable development. We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of our people and continue to engage with our host communities to ensure that they share in the value we create.”

The event also saw the release of Vedanta’s 2014 -2015 Sustainability Report. The Report can be downloaded from Vedanta’s website by clicking here.

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