Weekly Green News Update for Week 28 (July 6 to 12), 2015


Weekly environmental news roundup from across different media networks for week 28 (between July 6 to 12) 2015.

1. NGT imposes fine on Delhi’s Akshardham temple

The National Green Tribunal today slapped a fine on the Akshardham temple management for carrying out expansion without prior environmental clearance and asked a committee on revitalization of Yamuna to examine whether the expanded portion fell on the river’s floodplains.

2. Industries in residential areas derail Delhi’s war on pollution

Polluting units in industrial clusters have been a menace in a city ever struggling to clean up its toxic air and dirty water.

3. West Delhi plant to turn sewage into drinking water

The city has taken its first step towards decentralized waste water treatment in the form of a pilot project at Keshopur where sewage will be treated to drinking water quality and supplied to nearby areas.

4. PHOTOS: Here Are 22 Of Delhi’s Most Beautiful Native Trees That Need Your Help

Given Delhi’s air pollution, it’s hard to believe that it is home to some of the most majestic trees.

5. NGT asks Hindu College to plant 100 trees in campus

The National Green Tribunal on Friday asked the Hindu College here to stop construction work of a hostel and plant 100 trees in its premises against the ten trees it has cut.

6. No end to littering: You are creating havoc in society, NGT tells Railways

Criticising the Indian Railways for its failure to prevent people from littering on its tracks, the National Green Tribunal on Tuesday claimed that the railways, despite being an important part of India’s heritage, was “creating havoc in society”.

7. NGT fines hotels, malls, hospitals over rainwater harvesting

Taking several hospitals, malls and hotels here to task for not complying with its orders on rainwater harvesting, the National Green Tribunal today imposed fines and issued warrants on many of them and their officials for not installing harvesting systems.

8. Ground water: NGT seeks commissioners’ report

The National Green Tribunal today asked local commissioners, appointed by it to do surprise checks of illegal ground water extraction by builders in Delhi -NCR region, to submit their reports within two weeks.

9. Demolition of Asaram’s ashram: NGT seeks Delhi govt’s report

The National Green Tribunal has asked the Delhi government to file a report detailing the demolition of illegal constructions at an ashram of jailed ‘godman’ Asaram.

10. NGT slaps Rs 76 crore fine on 7 builders for raising unauthorised structures

In a significant judgment that could prevent the booming business of illegal constructions across the country, the National Green Tribunal on Tuesday imposed a penalty of Rs 76.192 crore on seven private builders for raising unauthorised structures.

11. Indian scientists develop e-Nose to sniff out hazardous gases

Indian scientists have developed a sensor-based ‘Electronic Nose’ for sniffing out variety of gases at pulp and paper mill industries and environmental monitoring at other sensitive locations.

12. Science Express to showcase climate change this year

In a year when countries across the globe are expected to come together in Paris in December to strike a new climate change pact, India will see a Climate Change Express chugging across the country to sensitise people, especially children and the youth, about the subject.

13. Gaps galore in Ganga data: Pollution watchdog’s figures ignore huge tracts of dirty river

As news emerges that crucial data provided by India’s apex pollution watchdog on Ganga’s dying stretches is inaccurate, fears abound that much of the money earmarked for the river’s cleanup will go down the drain.

14. Soon, data on Ganga pollution on NMCG website

The National Mission for Clean Ganga is set to release into the public domain data gathered from 110 industries that release effluents into the Ganga.

15. ‘Receding Water Levels of Yamuna Poses Threat to Taj Mahal’

Historian Haji Tahiruddin Tahir has said that  receding water levels of river Yamuna poses a serious threat to the foundation of Taj Mahal.

16. NGT leaves thousands jobless

Tourists visiting Rohtang pass, Marhi and Solang will find these places rather quiet Wednesday onwards as the Kullu administration has taken the National Green Tribunal order very seriously and made these areas “commercial activity free”.

17. Endangered Snow Leopard spotted for the first time in Kumaon Himalayas

The evasive snow leopard, one of the most endangered species on the planet has been spotted in Kumaon Himalayas.

18. Rising Ganga, Yamuna threaten low-lying areas

Heavy rain in the hills in the past week has led to an increase in the level of Ganga and Yamuna in the city.

19. New butterfly species ‘Banded Tit’ found in forests of Arunachal

A tiny butterfly species new to science has been discovered in the verdant forests of the Changlang district in Arunachal Pradesh.

20. Talipot palm prepares to bloom

A talipot palm tree, a rare kind of tree that blooms just once in a lifetime and dies soon after, has been found near Thuvarankurichi in the district.

21. Global warming increases heavy rainfall trends over 30 years

Seems like this year’s heavy rainfalls are breaking the records of past 30 years and as per the scientists global warming is to be blamed for it.

22. Seabird populations dropped 70 per cent since 1950s: study

The world’s monitored seabird populations have dramatically declined by 70 per cent since the 1950s, a stark indication that marine ecosystems are not doing well, a new study has warned.

Top image by J.Nefastls via Flickr over CC

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