German-Indian Ideas Competition on Waste Management


Shout out to those environmentalists with a scientific inclination; the initiative ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’ in association with the Federal Ministry of Education & Research is organizing a German-Indian ideas competition.

This venture is part of their international campaign ‘Shaping the Future – Building the City of Tomorrow’, and the search is on for sustainable innovations that’ll help solve the challenge of waste disposal in modern Indian cities.

Titled From Waste To Resource – How Can We Turn Garbage Into Gold?, the contest opens on April 27th 2016, and the deadline for the same is June 10, 2016.

All interested participants from India and Germany are invited to share their concepts for successful waste management so the ideas can be actualized. These ideas will first be shared on a virtual community and then evaluated by a jury after the competition ends.

Winners get the amazing opportunity to go on a scientific journey to either of the two nations. And whether it’s a creative strategy for reducing waste, designs to promote recycling and waste separation, or alternative uses for waste – all your solutions are welcome.

This competition looks favorably towards enhancing the future dialogue between India and Germany, but it largely aims towards finding forward-looking, sustainable ideas to tackle India’s increasing waste disposal problem.

So, let’s begin brainstorming to make this competition one that yields a wealth of innovations and generates a change!

After a brief registration process, entries can be submitted by clicking here. (Only submissions in English will be considered.)

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