Delhi Greens Wishes Everyone Happy World Environment Day


Environment Day Greetings to All! This year’s theme for World Environment Day (WED) is Go Wild for Life! Everyone the world over is being encouraged to make yourself aware of all those species who are under threat and take action at your own level to help safeguard them for future generations.

The illegal trade in wildlife is pushing many species of animals and plants toward local or global extinction.
The extinction of iconic species such as elephants, tigers or sea turtles would be a disaster for conservation efforts.
But the loss of any species, even at a local level, is an erosion of the biodiversity that underpins the natural systems upon which we all depend for our food security, medicines, fresh air, water, shelter and a clean and healthy environment.

Wildlife crime also represents a serious and growing threat to economies and communities, particularly in developing countries. By fostering corruption and challenging law enforcement, it also undermines institutions and threatens security at all levels.

The WED 2016 campaign aims to raise awareness of the far-reaching nature of wildlife crime and – with the slogan “Go Wild for Life” – encourages people to change their habits to reduce demand for illegal wildlife products, and to press friends, colleagues and officials to do what they can to stop the trade.

This call is based on the hope that individual actions and statements can collectively bring about a sea-change in attitudes and policies toward both the trade and its products. Lets hope all of you will take note and put an end to the killing spree. Happy Greening!

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