Dharti Bachao Cycle Yatra Nears Delhi with Overwhelming Response


The ongoing Dharti Bachao Cycle Yatra, a one man journey for raising environmental awareness, left Bareilly on 12th June and reached Rampur. At Rampur, Mr. Gyan Prakash spent the night at Milak, 35 km before from Bareilly.

Prior to this, on 11 June, Mr. Satish Bhatia, President of Rampur Nagrik Samaj welcomed Mr. Gyan Prakash Pandey at Rampur district. Mr. Bhatia and his team met the District Magistrate (DM) of Rampur and also briefed the media about Mr. Gyan Prakash’s Cycle Yatra.

Mr. Gyan Prakash left Rampur at 6 o’ clock on 13 June and reached Moradabad. At Moradabad, Mr. Gyan Prakash was welcomed by Sardar Gurvinder Singh, Mr. Yogi Pradeep and his team.


Mr. Gyan Prakash met the DM of Moradabad and submitted his petition in the DM’s office. After meeting with the DM, Mr. Gyan Prakash also addressed the media and met with the social workers of Moradabad.

From here, Mr. Gyan Prakash reached the ancient cit of Amroha at 9.00 pm on 13 June and spent the night here. On 14th June, Mr. Gyan Prakash met the DM of Amroha and presented him with petition to act for saving Mother Earth.

After Amroha, Mr. Gyan Prakash started moving towards Meerut and spent the night at a dhaba, 40 km before Meerut city. Mr. Gyan Prakash reached Meerut at 10 am on 15 June. At Meerut, he was welcomed by Mr. Amit Mohan, President of Disha Sewa Sansthan and his team.

Mr. Gyan Prakash met with the ADM Mr. D.P. Srivastava at Meerut and presented him the petition urging for the implementation of policies and programmes for saving Mother Earth. Mr. Gyan Prakash also held a press conference in Meerut City.

Mr. Gyan Prakash left Meerut city at 6.00 pm and reached the house of one Mr. Amit Mohan house, in Meerut District, for night stay. Here, Mr. Gyan Prakash planted more that 100 trees.

Mr. Gyan Prakash started his Cycle Yatra the next morning for Ghaziabad from Meerut district and reached Gaziabad at 11.00 am. Mr. Gyan Prakash reached the DM office straight where Mr. Vikrant Sharma, Member Jal Biradari welcomed him and facilitated the meeting with the SDM of Ghaziabad. This was followed by a brief address made to the media persons.


Mr. Gyan Prakash left Gaziabad and reached NOIDA on 16 June and stayed with his relative Smt. Shilpi Tiwari. The next morning he pursued his Cycle Yatra towards Greater NOIDA’s DM office. He reached the DM office at 10.00 and was met by the DM and was welcomed by Mr. Vikrant Tongad of Social Action for Forest and Environment initiative.

The Dharti Bachao Cycle Yatra, supported by Delhi Greens, Earth Day Network anda plethora of groups and organisations, has now also received UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Certificate of Appreciation!

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