Mahindra World City Confluence 2019 Pushes Towards The Rise of Resilience

Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited, the Real Estate and Infrastructure Development arm of the Mahindra Group, successfully concluded the fifth edition of Confluence (2019), its thought leadership platform on 13 February, 2019. The knowledge forum took place in New Delhi on the theme of Thinking Cities: The Rise of Resilience mainly focusing on the role of society, policy-makers and corporate in making cities more resilient to shocks, stress and uncertainty.

The event was joined by various national and international leaders and experts from different fields such as Lord Nicholas Stern, IG Patel Chair of Economics and Government, London School of Economics & Political Science; Mr. Arun Maira, Management Consultant and Former Member of Planning Commission of India; Dr. Tia Kansara, Director, Kansara Hackney Ltd. and Mr. Vishaan Chakrabarti, Associate Professor, Columbia University’s School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation.

The Forum emphasized on measures to facilitate urban resilience to positively adapt and transform towards sustainability. Urban resilience is described by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development as the ability of households, communities and nations to absorb and recover from shocks, whilst positively adapting and transforming their structures and means for living in the face of long-term stresses, change and uncertainty.

Outstretching this definition to current urban clusters, resilient cities are those that can adapt and transform in the face of challenges such as climate change, growing migrant populations, lack of infrastructure, pandemic situations.

With the ever-increasing urbanization in India, Confluence 2019 engaged stakeholders with expertise in diverse fields to envision on issues associated to urban development and building cities that can withstand the worst of times in case of any unforeseen calamity and stress.

The Confluence also anchored on building consensus on the development trajectory of resilient cities by exploring the systems that make up our cities and their inter-dependencies and subsequent risks. Discussions took place at the forum which explored measures required to make the cities more buoyant and cut down the risks.

The first session Evolution of Cities highlighted important factors which help a city to withstand and recover quickly from any stress. The session held up examples as torchbearers for future cities and delved into models of urban resilience. The Leading the Change session highlighted the importance of active participation by stakeholders as the DNA for thriving and inclusive urban spaces.

The participants, policy-makers and the corporate spoke about their journey in driving positive changes within their cities which helped their respective cities become more resilient. The event ended with a power-packed session in title Crafting the Future. The panelists shared their views on building a collective effort to thread a cohesive narrative of urban abundance centered around making cities resilient.

In 2015, Mahindra World City Jaipur had become the first Asian Project to receive C40 Stage 2 Certification. Through this Confluence, it is hoped that Mahindra will remain focused on issues of sustainable development while promoting its business interests around the world.


Chaman is a journalist with a mission and is a firm believer that words of wisdom can enlighten the masses and bring positive social change.

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