Tata Motors Annual CSR Report Highlights Its Sustainability Initiatives

Jamsetji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group strongly believed in well-being as the very purpose of our existence. His vision has been taken forward by Tata Motors which has been pioneering its corporate social responsibility agenda to promote Health, Education, Employability and the Environment.

Community development as well as the scope and depth of Tata Motors’ operations have grown exponentially over the years. Reinforcing its commitment towards nation building, Tata Motors has been able to touch over 7 lakh lives of which nearly 40% belong to the SC and ST communities.

The Company has taken extraordinary initiatives towards environmental protection.  It has already planted 11 lakh saplings of native trees and has also ensured 85% survival rate of these plantations. It has been nurturing sustainability through environmental programmes like Vasundhara.

An underlying objective of these programmes are to develop and implement concentrated efforts to increase the green cover through sapling plantation and also enhanced environmental awareness among communities. Tata Motors’ has been able to reach out to over 89,000 people (mostly young children) and sensitize them about the need to protect and preserve the environment.

The efforts of Tata Motors are not only towards tree plantation and awareness generation, but also towards even more concrete action. According to their CSR Report, there has been 27% reduction in wood demand due to adoption of fuel efficient cooking stove by the beneficiaries of its various programmes. This not only helps the standing forest, but also helps prevent climate change through more efficient use of resources.

The promotion of Eco-friendly ways of cooking also comes with many other benefits. There has been an increase in the attendance of girls in schools leading to promotion of education among women. Reduced smoke at home has also brought in health benefits. Tata Motors’s holistic approach towards environmental protection is thus praiseworthy, and we hope they continue to strengthen their focus on environment protection which is the need of the hour.

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