Agilent India Celebrates Environment Day With Workshops by Delhi Greens

Agilent India celebrated World Environment Day 2019 by organising Hands-on Environmental Workshops for its employees. The Workshops were organised by Delhi Greens and the participants were encouraged to take small actions in their daily lives which can contribute significantly to #beatairpollution collectively.

The hands-on workshops took place on 5th and 6th June 2019 in the Manesar and Jasola campuses of Agilent India. A total of three workshops were organised in order to ensure maximum participation from the employees across shifts. The key activities that were organised included seed ball making, vertical garden making and a demonstration of making compost at home from kitchen waste.

All the workshops saw active participation of the employees which reflected the success of previous environmental sensitization campaigns organised by the Management of Agilent India. After receiving the basic understanding of the various activities, the participants showed keen interest in adopting some of these in their daily lives. The Seed Ball making activity was enjoyed by everyone and saw eager participation of the employees in the making of these balls.

Vertical garden has now become an almost necessary strategy for planting herbs and shrubs and also the air purifying plants. The technique however requires basic conceptual understanding and is better when the raw material used is waste materials like plastic. This was the focus of the Vertical garden making activity and it demonstrated how waste plastic bottles can be converted into beautiful hanging gardens.

Segregation of waste and home-based management of wet waste is something that Delhi Greens has been advocating since a long time. Wet waste can easily be converted into compost or Black Gold at home. This was demonstrated to the participants in a very simple way so they could go back home and start ensuring that no amount of wet or kitchen waste leaves from their house anymore.

The hands-on environmental workshops at Agilent India helped get across the message of environmental protection to all its employees. Agilent will now be collaborating with Delhi Greens for making a mural painting on the walls of the Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) on 7 June 2019 and paint it with some green messages for everyone to see!

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