How You Can Support the Historic Diwali Laser Show at CP

Starting today, for the next four days, Connaught Place will become host to the historic, green Diwali Laser Show. It is historic because its a first-of-its-kind community Diwali celebrating initiative. It is green because instead of smoke and particulate matter, there will be lights and effects through a laser show.

We share five ways how you can make this event a success and help Delhi breathe easy.

1. Show Up

There’s no party as a full house party. The first step to making this historic laser show a big success is to show up in large numbers. This also means to not buy any firecrackers and a commitment to celebrate Diwali with all the citizens of Delhi, in the interest of all the citizens of Delhi. Reach the venue between 6.00 pm and 10.00 pm in large numbers starting today and enjoy the festival with some wonderful music, sound and light show. Decide to go also because the Government has committed that if this event becomes a big hit, it will plan several such events around the city!

2. Use only Public Transport to reach CP.

Connaught Place is not unfamiliar to anyone. So plan your visit in such a manner that you use only public transport to reach the venue. Cars, etc. will anyways not be allowed in CP on these days. It is better to plan in such a manner that you can make best use of public transport, which will avoid any traffic and will also prevent congestion related air pollution.

3. Prevent bursting firecrackers before or during the event.

While this seems like an obvious choice if you are planning to attend the laser show, there is one more reason why you should do it. And also ensure that no one else bursts crackers around you. This is because the laser show is an open event and any air pollution that is generated in Delhi will impact those people who are in the open more than those who are indoors. So the success of this event depends heavily on how clean the air in Delhi is on and around the Diwali day. So go remind the children and adults bursting crackers about the pledge they took in their schools and work places.

4. Maintain calm and discipline during the event.

The event itself needs to be a success for more and more people to participate in it. And for the Delhi Government to make it a regular feature around Delhi. For that, your cooperation and discipline while attending the event will go a long way. Become your own discipline inspector, and then of your family and near and dear ones. Attend the event with the motivation to make it a success and to contribute your role in ensuring a green, healthy Diwali in Diwali for times to come.

5. Make memories, not waste.

The green laser and light show is being organised as a green event. The idea is to reduce air and all other kinds of pollution. You should keep this in mind and ensure that you only make memories and not waste in this event. Please do not carry any kind of single-use plastic item, and not leave any discarded waste material at this event site. Let it not just be a Green Diwali but also a Clean Diwali event!

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