Top 5 Green Balcony Plant Stands to Keep Air Pollution Away

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Air pollution in Delhi does not refuse to abate. In fact, air pollution in Delhi is only on the rise. Recent researches have indicated that people living with such high air pollution around them will lose almost 9 years of their lives. Air pollution in Delhi has become life threatening and you need to do whatever you can to protect yourself from it. It is not just yourself, but you also need to protect your children, the elderly and any more vulnerable member of your family.

It it not possible for everyone to leave the city and visit a hill station each time air pollution spikes in Delhi. One must adopt innovative ways to fight air pollution crisis outside and inside our houses. One such innovative tool is to create a green wall in your balcony that can help keep the air pollution out. The green wall should include air purifying plants, usually the broad leaves plants that can help keep dust particles and air pollution away by absorbing or deflecting them.

We share below top 5 of the best planters and pot stands that you can buy to create such a green wall in your balcony.

1. TrustBasket 3 Step Stand for Multiple Plants

It comes with a Classic Design – 3 sturdy shelves that can be used to store and display a variety of decorative items, potted plants, toys, shoes and other decoration. It is light in weight and is very easy to assemble.

Price: Rs. 2,999/-  |  Click here to buy

2. 3 Tier Plant Stand Floral Corner

This one is sturdy and durable with metal construction, made of metal material with white powder coated finish. The flower pot holder shelf does not rust and does well in the outdoor. It can support approximately 1-5 items per tier depending on size. This plant shelf can also be used indoor, just inside your balcony. You can also place it in the entryway, hallway, living room, etc. It is ideal for garden, patio, rooftop and front yard.

Price: Rs. 1,799/-   |  Click here to buy

3. Green Gardenia Iron Plant Stand

This one is perfectly sized for corner plant pots, balcony flower pot stand, planter saucers or holders. It can be best used as an indoor pot plant stand for living room and is perfect for elevating big and medium pots just a few inches above the ground, at breathing height. Flower pot holder is made of powder coated iron and can be used for on floor, deck, patio, lawn and garden without fear of any rust.

Price: Rs. 2,089/-   |  Click here to buy

4. MDF Plant Stand

This wooden plant stand for balcony, living room – indoor and outdoor spaces is a perfect item to organize your air purifying plants and flowers on different tiers according to the need and based on location. This plant stand is also foldable and can and also make a good gift for your loved ones to show that you care about their lungs.

Price: Rs. 1,550/-   |  Click here to buy

5. Aster Planter Stand

If your air purifying plants are all of broad leaves, this Aster Planter is the right one for your. It is also sturdy and durable and very stable. The flower pots will not fall down from the shelf even after some shaking. The Aster Planter Stand is natural color black with minimalist design, so that it can always match any home decoration well. It has a painted finish and is smooth which makes it easy to clean.

Price: Rs. 3,972/-   |  Click here to buy


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