Weekly Environmental News Update for Week 18, 2022

Weekly environmental news update from across different media networks for Week 18 (May 2 to 8) 2022.

  1. Delhiites breathe with difficulty: Dust, poor air quality, pollution to blame
    Delhi’s worsening air quality, this season, has made wheezing and coughing familiar sounds.
  2. Delhi: PWD to hire anti-smog guns, truck-mounted water sprinklers to control pollution
    In a bid to control air pollution in Delhi, the Public Works Department is planning to hire 5-6 anti-smog guns and truck-mounted water sprinklers.
  3. Irresponsible waste management practices lead to landfill fires in Delhi
    Experts blame bad waste management practices, while the authorities point at rising temperatures as the cause for landfill fires.
  4. Summer farm fires provide a preview to winter mess
    Stubble burning in the neighbouring states is on rise after the harvest of the rabi crop.
  5. No significant improvement in ammonia levels in Yamuna: CPCB study
    There has been no significant improvement in the concentration of ammoniacal nitrogen in the Yamuna in Delhi from 2016 to 2020, a study group set up by the Central Pollution Control Board said.
  6. Waste collection: MCM looks for firms again
    The Municipal Corporation of Manesar has decided to reinvite bids from private firms for door-to-door waste collection.
  7. Not cleared waste from collection point, Ecogreen fined ₹25k by MCG
    MCG imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on its solid waste management concessionaire Ecogreen for failing to clear waste from its secondary garbage collection point in Khandsa.
  8. Winter birds extend stay at Najafgarh Jheel despite heat
    A few species are still roosting at Najafgarh Jheel despite the early arrival of hot weather in the region.
  9. Govt officials directed to ensure the network of seven biodiversity parks
    Govt. officials directed to make efforts to avoid encroachments.
  10. Climate change could mean increased pathogen transmission
    The number of pathogens jumping from one mammal species to another related species will only increase in the years to come, suggests a new report.
  11. Germany, India Sign $10.5B Green Development Deal
    Germany and India have signed a series of bilateral agreements that will see the South Asian nation receive 10 billion euros ($10.5 billion) in aid by 2030 to boost the use of clean energy.
  12. World Needs Food System ‘Transformation’ To Tackle Climate Change: Report
    Cynthia Rosenzweig, head of the Climate Impacts Group at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, was awarded the prestigious World Food Prize for her research.
  13. Some volcanoes could warm climate and destroy ozone layer: NASA 
    Flood basalt eruptions can warm the planet over the long term and cause the circulation of the stratosphere to change a way that discourages ozone formation.
  14. Scientists discover hidden water reserve under Antarctic, enough to submerge Statue of Unity
    Scientists for the first time have managed to get a glimpse of a vast reserve of water hiding under the Antarctic ice sheet.
  15. California declares unprecedented water restrictions amid drought
    Residents have been warned to scale down their water usage this summer, as critical shortages loom.
  16. Japan to expand national parks for biodiversity conservation
    Japan’s Environment Ministry plans to expand the country’s national and quasi-national parks to bolster efforts to conserve biodiversity, officials said.

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