Weekly Environmental News Update for Week 19, 2022

Weekly environmental news update from across different media networks for Week 19 (May 9 to 15) 2022.

  1. Air pollution: Delhi government extends campaign against open burning till June 13
    The Delhi government on Thursday extended its campaign to curb open burning of garbage to check air pollution till June 13.
  2. ‘Action to abate pollution’: Air Quality monitoring body raises Delhi’s annual plantation target
    CAQM in NCR and adjoining areas said it has increased the annual plantation target for Delhi from 2.6 million saplings last year to 3.2 million this year.
  3. Altered Carbon: DPCC To Fight PM1 Menace
    With PM1, black carbon and brown carbon having harmful effects on human health, Delhi Pollution Control Committee is planning to monitor their concentration at various stations in the city.
  4. In Delhi, heatwave pushes ozone levels past safe limit
    According to DPCC data for the last week of April (April 24-30), temperatures shot up to 43-47°C in parts of Delhi breaching the eight-hour ozone limit of 100 micrograms per cubic metre six out of the seven days.
  5. Delhi grapples with water shortage amid severe heatwave
    The level in the Wazirabad pond has dropped to 670.7 feet, the lowest so far this year.
  6. Delhi water crisis: Govt urges Haryana to release more water in Yamuna
    The DJB has once again requested the Haryana Irrigation Department to supply 150 cusecs of additional water “till the arrival of monsoon, when sufficient raw water is available in River Yamuna”.
  7. Dwarka Sector 19: Residents allege contaminated DJB water supply
    The residents of Sector 19, Pocket 3 of Dwarka are alleging that their homes are being supplied with contaminated water by the Delhi Jal Board.
  8. Building sites likely to get lines for recycled water
    To accelerate the use of recycled water at construction sites, the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority is now exploring the possibility of providing temporary water connections to builders.
  9. Study on link between heatwave in India and climate crisis in the offing
    Amid talks of climate crisis, there were intense heatwave spells from March 11 to 19, March 27 to April 12, April 17 to 19, and April 26 to 30, according to the India Meteorological Department.
  10. Delhi government to ban single-use plastic products from June 1
    Delhi Government has decided to ban single-use plastic products in Delhi Secretariat from June 1 onwards.
  11. Environment dept leads campaigns to find replacements
    The environment department, along with other departments, has started targeted campaigns to push for alternatives as 19 single-use plastic items will be banned from July 1.
  12. Tailless Lineblue butterfly spotted in Delhi for first time
    Ecologists have spotted “Tailless Lineblue”, a species of butterfly, for the first time in Delhi
  13. Delhi govt may set up solar panels on rooftop of all its buildings
    Delhi government is likely to make installation of rooftop solar energy panels at all government buildings in the capital mandatory.
  14. Climate change concern for migratory birds, says research
    A new research has claimed that climate change is an important emerging driver of change in bird communities and a particular concern for tropical montane, polar, and migratory species.
  15. California panel unanimously rejects proposal for plant to turn ocean water into drinking water
    California water officials unanimously struck down a $1.4 billion plan to build a seaside desalination plant amid a water crisis sparked by mega drought and climate change.

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