Let’s stand up on World Habitat Day and let it be known that affordable, adequate housing should be a priority everywhere—in our communities, in our towns, in our country, in our world. The United Nations has designated the first Monday of each October as World Habitat Day. This year, Habitat […]

Green Gadgets and Core77 invites all to generate outstanding design innovations for greener electronics. Designers are invited to explore the concept of “Greener Gadgets” to create the greenest blueprint solving issues behind energy, carbon footprint, health and toxicity, product lifestyle or social development. Challenge: All you need to do is – Make a […]

“To 100 different people a small little thing appears different. Well that’s diversity of human perception.” Being free in winter vacations, I thought of volunteering for 48°C – ‘Delhi’s First Public Art Ecology Festival’ (of which Delhi Greens was a partner) and had varied experiences which I penned down to […]

As has been the trend, the ambient air and noise pollution levels for Deepawali 2008 were monitored by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The results after data analysis for Deepawali 2008 were finally what we have been trying to achieve since a long time. Findings reveal that noise levels as well as air pollution levels […]