Without inclusive growth, that includes the poor, the rich cannot survive in a city. Thank you for appreciating the development and environment combination of the blog. Your time is precious and I appreciate you making it available to comment on the Blog. There is a dominant tendency on our part […]


In any conversation about Delhi contributing to climate change due to CO2  emissions, dominant is the issue of intra-city transport using petrol, CNG and diesel. This contributes over 30% of the city’s emissions and is difficult to reduce. What is also spoken in the context of our city is the lack of adequate public transport. […]

The Western Yamuna Canal Overlooking the Delhi Metro: If you thought the Indian Railways track was the world’s longest public toilet, wait till you visit this. Cleaning the Yamuna needs a plan that ensures that waste water generated in the city does not reach back into the river untreated. The […]

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