Without inclusive growth, that includes the poor, the rich cannot survive in a city. Thank you for appreciating the development and environment combination of the blog. Your time is precious and I appreciate you making it available to comment on the Blog. There is a dominant tendency on our part […]


In any conversation about Delhi contributing to climate change due to CO2  emissions, dominant is the issue of intra-city transport using petrol, CNG and diesel. This contributes over 30% of the city’s emissions and is difficult to reduce. What is also spoken in the context of our city is the lack of adequate public transport. […]

How do you see development? How can you portrait the human face of the development processes? How do you show that development initiatives and programmes improve the lives of people? The Global Photography Campaign on Humanizing Development launched on 1 June 2009 aims to promote and showcase visual examples of people winning the […]


Your responses are what keeps this blog going, thank you for sharing. Continuing on the governance issues for urban slums in Delhi on how to justify providing water sanitation etc to the existing Jhuggi Jhompdi (JJ) slums?   As you all have rightly pointed out the quality of life for […]

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