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A Sense of Place: La Journal Essay Competition

Sense of Place

A place comes into existence when humans give meaning to a part of the larger, undifferentiated space. Any time a location is identified or given a name, it is separated from the undefined space that surrounds it.” – Yi- Fu Tuan

Certain places have a sense of place due to a strong character and identity that is deeply felt by people who inhabit them and to those who visit such places. The character may be due to natural or cultural features or both. LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture announces an Essay Writing Competition 2010 themed on ‘Sense of Place’ for college and university students across India.

The essay may communicate the tangible physical aspects of such place as well as the intangible experiential dimensions and how these can contribute to unique experiences and memories of that place. It’s about a place which you have experienced. LA invites you to share that experience in words.

Eligibility: Students studying in Indian Universities and all individuals residing in India, interested in spatial design disciplines and other creative fields. Please note that only single author entries will be accepted.

For further information, contact:

Editorial Office
LA! Journal of Landscape Architecture
C-589, Vikas Puri,
New Delhi 110018
Tel: 91-11- 25527652

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