This is what Sahara Samay has to say regarding the cutting and unscientific marking of trees in the (Delhi) University campus. New Delhi, April 26: About 1,000 trees in the Delhi University’s North Campus have been marked for felling. The trees will be cut in order to expand the university’s sports […]


A day after Hindustan Times broke the story of trees being cut and unscientifically marked in the (Delhi) University Campus – people (in and around the University) seemed well informed! Even as the semester exams are on in the School (of Environmental Studies), the students took out time to sign […]


The Students of the School of Environmental Studies (Delhi University) will be submitting a letter to the Vice-Chancellor; requesting him to show sensitivity towards the trees in the campus, some of which are decades old. We, the students fully understand that development is not only important but is also the need of […]

This season every year Delhi experiences beautiful leaf fall throughout the city! Old leaves fall from the trees making way for newer – fresher ones. It’s as if the trees are giving us a message to freshen up and make a new start towards everything in life! However, this is also […]


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