‘Endangered Animals of Sikkim’, IWC’s Monthly Online Chat


The Indian Wildlife Club, in an attempt to spread the message of conservation & environment education organises an online chat session every month – moderated by a chosen personality from a chosen field.

The chat room opens for one hour on the 18th of every month between 7.30 PM (IST) and 8.30 PM (IST).

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This month’s topic for chat is “Endangered Animals of Sikkim” and will be moderated by Usha Ganguli-Lachungpa, Sr. Research Officer (WL) Dept. of Forest, Environemnt & WildLife Management, Government of Sikkim.

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member indianwildlife clubParticipation requires registration which is free for ordinary members.

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7 thoughts on “‘Endangered Animals of Sikkim’, IWC’s Monthly Online Chat

  1. Hello Sir,
    I was collecting some information on animals whose numbers are rapidly decreasing and are on the verge of extinction. If you could help me with some facts and figures I will be extremely gratefull.

  2. Dear Dibya,
    You can get in touch with Usha Ganguli-Lachungpa by contacting Dr. Susan Sharma (susan_sharma@hotmail.com) of IndianWildlifeClub.com. If you need further information from research point of view, please do write back here.

  3. hello
    we have a project on endangered species found in sikkim and reason for its diminishing numbers.i din t happen to get relevant facts so i would be very grateful if u could provide me with information on the following.

  4. I think that killing animals is horrible and should be stopped. That picture of that tiger is awful. Whomever Jennifer is, they are out of their mind. Killing animals is sick and disgusting. I hope that whomever killed that poor helpless tiger will be punished.

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