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Following is an open letter from the TreesforDelhi  Action Group to the citizens of Delhi on World Environment Day.

TreesforDelhi’ is a coalition of a group of concerned citizens and environment NGOs, who have come forward to launch a campaign against extensive tree cutting taking place in the city.

Lend a ray of support to thousands of trees being cut in Delhi. Take a stand against anti-environment city planning on the World Environment Day – June 5.

TreesforDelhi’ is attempting to save the trees that are marked for felling for the construction of the first phase of the High Capacity Bus Service (HCBS) in South-Central Delhi and for various construction activities taking place in the city.
Trees guard us against pollution, hot summers and lack of water. Cutting trees would make Delhi roads dust bowls and all surrounding residential colonies would be without any buffers against high levels of polluted air and noise.

Over 35,000 trees have already been cut for Metro Phase-I, National Highway Project, High Capacity Bus Service Corridor, flyovers, underpasses, subways, and general road widening. Thousands more face the axe every single day.

Siri Fort delhi treesThe site for the protest on the 5th is one such painful reminder of what the city is sacrificing in the name of development.  The site is nestled between Gargi College and the Police Wireless station. Over 500 trees have been marked in yellow for felling for the construction of a proposed badminton and tennis court for forthcoming commonwealth games. Environmentally the site is an absolute wilderness.  Although just a few meters away from the main road, the area cuts off all sounds of traffic and transports you to a different place. Found in the area are neem, paapdi, chamrod, kikar, gulmohar, amaltas, ber, shishum, lassoda and many other species of trees. These trees give refuge to various birds such as peacocks, maynas, babblers, koels, sun-birds, and wagtails.

We believe that these trees have a right to life for the sake of the citizens of Delhi, the very character, well-being and beauty of the city. We also believe that a transport friendly city does not have to be in conflict with its green heritage. We need people to have a say in this matter through a democratic platform and a public debate.

Come together to reclaim the city’s present; Delhi’s trees must be non-negotiable. Please be there at the protest taking place on Tuesday, June 5th, 2007.

Venue – Siri Fort Auditorium Crossing.  (Right in front of Siri Fort Auditorium’s main gate

Time – 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM


For further information contact Ishita at
Phones: 26533520 / 25 / 30

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  1. will be there, it is time that the cutting of trees be put to an end.

    I saw the numbering myself and it reminded me of the lambs that standing in line..ready to be sacrificed. the trees are much more precious than that.

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