Invitation for a tree play at IHC- by Mandala and TreesforDelhi


Invitations to join us

…vrinksham sharanam gachchami …

celebrating colours, flavours , of trees

connect to earth and join hands creatively to work for a greener city


Being Trees…

installation arts and performance arts

( Beauty alone can save the world- Fyodor dostoevsky )

theatrical musical workshop production

created by the participants of a Treeathr e workshop,

( I think i can never see , a poem as beautiful as a tree…)

music and joyous meditiation

( ..when you meditate you smile a lot- Thich Naht Hanh )




7.00 pm

15th June 2007

Stein auditorium,

India Habitat Centre,

Lodhi Road , New Delh i

an event dreamt and designed by

mandala – the magic circle

in partnerhsip with trees for delhi


(About) Treeathre workshop

Increasingly nature has become an exotic commodity to be seen on Discovery/Animal Planet channels or visited during those adventure holidays. The urban child is increasing deprived of the pleasure and challenges of experiencing nature, befriending it and learning from it the mysteries of life.

On the other hand, prolonged disassociation with nature and warped notions of development is increasingly eating into little pockets of nature that’s left in the cities. In Delhi the river, the ridge, roadside trees – everything is threatened.

Believing that best learning actually happens when diversities come together a deliberate effort was made to bring together children and young people of different ages-the youngest was 5 years and the eldest an under graduate student.

The workshop also had no fixed fees – parents, participants, friends all contributed what they could – from Rs.5 to 5000/.

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