Training Programme on Logical Framework Analysis for Designing Development Projects


Sambodhi – an initiative catering to research and allied service needs of the social sector for design and development of state-of-art knowledge ware products and provision of knowledge-based services is organising a training programme for trainers!

Programme title: International Training Programme on Logical Framework Analysis for Designing Development Projects’
Duration: 6 Days, From 18th to 23th February 2008
Venue: New Delhi

The programme is aimed to augment existing knowledge of the participants on Logical Framework Approach with concurrent enhancement of skills for using the approach for development project design. The programme is for strategic and tactical level development professionals working with Donor agencies, Government Departments, NGOs and consultants involved in designing, operationalizing, monitoring and evaluating large scale development projects.

Specifically, the training is aimed at:

  • Facilitating a better understanding of the Logical Framework Approach

  • Enhancing knowledge about the sequential steps of Logical Framework Analysis

  • Augmenting essential skills for performing Logical Framework Analysis in different development scenarios

  • Developing requisite skills for using analyses for developing the Logical Framework Analysis Project Planning Matrix

  • Enhancing knowledge for Developing Detailed Project Reports using thr Logical Framework Analysis Project Planning Matrix

Upon completion of the training programme, participants would be able to

  • Describe the Logical Framework Approach
  • Describe and illustrate the steps in performing Logical Framework Analysis
  • Describe Stakeholder analysis and perform stakeholder analysis on a given scenario
  • Describe Problem analysis and develop problem tree
  • Describe Alternative analysis and select the best possible alternatives for the identified problem
  • Describe Objective Analysis and perform objective analysis based on the problem tree
  • Describe the Project Planning Matrix and its various components
  • Define goal, objectives and outputs
  • Describe the process of and set goals, objectives and outputs
  • Define indicators
  • Describe the process of indicator development and design indicators for the given goals, objectives and outputs
  • Develop the Project Planning Matrix
  • Describe the essential elements of a Detailed Project Report
  • Describe the process of translating the Project Planning Matrix into Detailed Project Report

Fees: The fee for the training programme is USD 1000/- per participant.

. Interested individuals/organisations can check out the Flyer containting more details, detailed time table and the application form by clicking here

For further details, please contact:

Rajata Nayak,
Senior Executive,
Sambodhi Research & Communications,
H-35 A, LGF, Kalkaji New Delhi-110019

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